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What is Pics by Samm?

I’m a photographer, as well as a model…so I know the camera better than most photographers (I’ve been on both sides!)

I Offer…

  • ~Development of model portfolios.
  • ~Helping Models find work (Model Management)
  • ~Model Website setup
  • ~Giving you a look of the Hudson Valley through a different eye.
  • Wedding/Event Photography
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Child Model/Portraits (and child model management)
  • ~In depth photo editing. I can make the best you shine out through your photos! I erase blemishes, wrinkles,  remove unwanted marks of any kind, improve overall skin quality and color, and I can even erase unwanted objects in photos (bra straps, tattoos, etc) 

Wanna know more...think u got what it takes to be a model? Let me know… I’m also a female, which makes the shooting scene a bit more comfortable than a first time shooter posing in front of a male… I know this from experience!

I have created a search engine, below, for you to use to search for any thing else you might need to know about modeling, planning your wedding, photo shoots, etc. So please feel free to search through me!! ;) Thanks

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Recent and Upcoming shoots!

Recent shoots up and published-

*Teen Model Corinne

*Model Brianna and baby

Upcoming shoots...

This could be you!

Please don't forget to check out the LINKS page!

On the LINKS page you will find different links to get to my gallery...which has pictures of all my work and my models! So check it out!

Would you like to be managed by me?

Not only am I a photographer and a model...I help the models that I work with find their own work! I have been modeling since I was 14, so I know how to find real jobs and how to avoid scams. This is something I do for all the models after they have worked with me once if they want it. I NEVER EVER take any money from the models when they earn money from a job I helped them find, that's just slimey! If you want more info on how to be managed by me, shoot me an email!


Types of Jobs I help Models Find-

  • Promo jobs

  • Commercial/Editoral Work

  • Print Work

  • Pageants

  • Contests

  • Agencies

Thanks for stopping by!

If you are interested in a shoot...please go to the HOW TO BOOK A SHOOT PAGE!

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